April 4th, 2016

About the airfield

Rapla Airfield is located near the city of Rapla approx. 50 km from the capital Tallinn and is considered as one of the centers of Estonian skydiving and private aviation.

The airfield is situated on 177 hectares and has two 60m wide grass-covered runways:
33R/15L 1100m and 33L/15R 1600m.

Rapla Airfield is mainly used by light aircrafts, aeromodels, gliders, hang-gliders, paragliders and skydivers.


Charts related to aerodrome are published in VFR Estonia http://aim.eans.ee/

Landing fares

for non-resident aircraft depending on MTOW:
Up to 600 kg – EUR 3
600-2000 kg – EUR 6
Over 2000 kg – EUR 10
To be paid in cash or following bank account.

Bank account: Swedbank Tallinn SWIFT: HABAEE2X IBAN: EE52 2200 2210 2431 4784


Tourist information

Rapla County tourist information


Rapla Lennuvälja MTÜ/ Rapla Airfield NPO
reg. No. 80199671
Türi 10C, 11313 Tallinn, Estonia
e-mail: eera@eera.ee

Driving instructions from Tallinn to Rapla airfield:
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